Livingston, Louisiana
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I visited Dr.Kozar's office was on October 21, 2010. The Smart Lipo Coordinator was Ms.

Barbra who is no longer employed at Advanced Smart Lipo Center. I met with Ms. Barbra, I explained to her why I was there I wanted to have a procedure done to my buttocks and anterior thigh. She left out and came back with Dr.

Kozar who examined the areas of interest, discussed the procedure and suggested a few other areas that I was not interested in like my inner knees. Dr. Kozar and Ms. Barbara left out so I could dress.

Ms. Barbara came back in and discussed the cost of the procedure it was too expensive, so she suggested that I didn't get my knees done. The amount still was more than what I expected to pay. There never was a mention about the 15% non-refundable fee or a $75 charge for the second consultation.

I wanted to get the 20% discount special that Dr. Kozar was running on the internet. I cannot recall if I had an appointment. I do remember when I went there to inquire about the discount no one mentioned at that time anything about the $75 charge for a second consultation.

I remember Ms. Keyanna went to ask Dr. Kozar a question I had about Smart Lipo, it was about the discount and one area of concern. Ms.

Keyanna asked me to step into the side room so the other patients could not hear what we were discussing. Ms. Jenna who replaced Ms. Barbra was not there, so Ms.

Keyanna was acting as the coordinator. Dr. Kozar came in answered the question I had cornering my buttocks area. I told him I wanted to receive the discount before it expired.

He stated the only way he would do the buttocks, if I had my waist done. Because I felt he was the only doctor willing to do the buttocks and the anterior thigh. I decided to go ahead and let him perform the procedure. I gave Ms.

Keyanna my card to charge, I did not sign the contract until the charge would go through. When Ms. Keyanna came back with the slip for me to sign that is when she brought the paper work. Dr.

Kozar then made the statement that, if I decide not to have the procedure that I would not be entitled to the $804 he said ''I am not a bank''. I was insulted that Dr.

Kozar made that comment but I went on and signed the paperwork.

Monetary Loss: $804.

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Cypress, Texas, United States #1207454

Well in the beginning I was happy with the results, however after 2 months I noticed that I had fatty tissue below my stomach. Dr kozar said that it was normal to have after surgery.

I explained that I didn't have it prior to the procedure. I went home and put on the garment that I woke up with after the smart lipo and just as I thought it not normal it was from the garment. Over 5 years later it is still there. I have also gain fat back the area he preform the procedure.

My stomach and upper back area. I paid $15000.00.

If I had it to do over I would not have the procedure done. Not satisfied.

Atkins, Arkansas, United States #1183572

I didn't get the results I wanted


What is smart lipo

And how much is a session


Contact me @ if you had a bad experience with Dr. Brian Kozar


Has anyone had a bad experience with Dr Kozar?

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #704572

Dr. Kozar does not discuss prices !!!

He is an amazing Dr. He suggests what will make you look good!! that's his job!!

and about the cost Beauty does not come cheap you want the best you are gonna have to pay!! :)

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States #605272

Advanced Smartlipo Center of Louisiana and Dr. Kozar are very professional. Dr. Kozar is an excellent surgeon and I would recommend him to everyone.

I have had Smartlipo done by Dr. Kozar, three separate times on three separate groups of areas, and am extremely pleased with my results! Dr. Kozar does not discuss prices with patients. He has a business department that discusses fees; that's what his staff is for.

The above is completely inaccurate from beginning to end. Signing a legal document and putting a non-refundable deposit down actually means what it says. This particular person has gone to every extreme to do whatever she can to bad mouth both Advanced Smartlipo Center of Louisiana and Dr. Kozar, and quite frankly, I find it disgusting. The public needs to know the above is a cheap shot by someone who has no scruples and thinks that it's perfectly acceptable to violate a legal agreement.

to Advanced Smartlipo Center of Stockbridge, Georgia, United States #969132

If Dr. Kozar is an orthopedic surgeon why is he performing cosmetic procedures and running internet specials? Sounds like he is prostituting himself for a quick buck.

to Advanced Smartlipo Center of #1415241

Lies! Lies!

Lies!! That's the first thing they discuss before examining!!

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